Cuidado con otras ptc que son clon que se parecen a otras quieres robar de tu bolsillo cuidado

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May 25th, 2023 at 08:05

Hemos tenido reclamaciones de usurios que invierten en otras plataformas parecidas la nuestra y están pidiendo su retiro o su deposito que supuestame solicitaron o ingresaron en tales plataformas afirmando que es de los mismos administradores


No es único y no está relacionado con ninguna otra plataforma, solo somos responsables de si alguien afirma esto, lamento decirle que esta afirmación es totalmente falsa.

Si nos hiciste un pago o retiraste en otro lugar que no sea nosotros no se hace responsable de tal acción hay clones que se parecen a pero solo quieren robarte tus datos , dinero o engañarte, no dejes que te pase , evite ingresar a sitios fraudulentos que intentan hacerse pasar por un sitio confiable como 
- No somos responsables de culaquier perdida o daño causados por organizaciones mal intencionadas que intententan clonar sitios verficados para intentar estafar o enfañar usuarios despistados .
Este proyecto es unico y cuenta con un solo sitio web no esta ligado a terceros ni es socio ni se afilia a ninguna otra ptc si usted nesecita solicitar sus ganacias o ingresar fondos solo cuenta con unica url que solo responsables.

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admin wrote:

We have had claims from users who invest in other platforms similar to ours and are asking for their withdrawal or their deposit that they supposedly requested or entered in such platforms claiming that it is from the same administrators

Not is unique and not related to any other platform, we are only responsible for If anyone claims this, I regret to tell you that this statement is totally false.

If you made a payment to us or withdrew somewhere other than us is not responsible for such action •¹there are clones that look like but just want to steal your data, money or deceive you, do not let it happen to you, avoid entering fraudulent sites that try to impersonate a reliable site like
- We are not responsible for any loss or damage caused by malicious organizations that attempt to clone verified sites to attempt to scam or enrage clueless users.
This project is unique and has a single website is not linked to third parties or is a partner or affiliates with any other ptc if you need to request your earnings or deposit funds only has •² only url that only responsible.



hello, Admin. 

•¹can you please name that/those site/s, so that we can evade/avoid them?

•²if that's the case, then we couldn't deposit if we are not joined yet to those clone sites. 

thank you and all the best.

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May 01st, 2024 at 00:33

there are clones that look like

not only that! its happening with other ptcs and hyips too so the thing is whenever a good site like this one is progressing some other people try to find ways to fake them to take advantage of the situation so be very carefull.

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